Pre-Seed Funding

To help startups get from testing the market to full commercialization and fulfill their potential, we provide a serie of 1-on-1 coaching sessions and a convertible note up to €100K (+ some partners benefits)

You're only 4 steps away.

Pro tip: it's a no-bullshit zone, be direct, smart....and fun!

1. Apply

Applications take only a few minutes

2. Book a call

Book a slot to discuss your project

3. Meet

Meet Sébastien or Gaetan.

If your project rocks, you'll go to step 4.

4. The Committee

You will now pitch in front of the investment committee. 

A strong team to guide you towards your funding.

Contact Us

Sébastien Doyen

Gaetan Van Ooteghem

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a convertible note?

FAQ coming soon.

How does a convertible note work?

FAQ coming soon.

Do I have to be incorporated to receive funding?

FAQ coming soon.

When is the next Investment Committee?

FAQ coming soon.

Do you have questions? Would you like to meet?  Book a call with us!

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