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Univercells supports the 5th MoveUp edition

Dernière mise à jour : 14 sept. 2021

We are very pleased to announce that the biotech group Univercells officially supports the 5th edition of the MoveUp Program dedicated to E-health!

Created in 2013, Univercells is a global life sciences company committed to revolutionizing the availability of biologics around the world, by making essential medicines affordable to all, in both quality and price. How? Via a diversified and synergistic portfolio of companies with different maturities and impact on the health value chain.

Univercells Group work to support best-in-class bioproduction capacity across the world of the common model of «hub-and-spoke.» Through entrepreneurship and technology-driven affordability, Univercells addresses the needs of the entire health value chain.

“Our mission at Univercells is to address the needs of the entire value chain and make health equally accessible to all. By supporting this edition of the MoveUp program, we are fostering innovation in digital health and helping entrepreneurs create new technology-driven solutions for the sector” says Sebastien Lemploy, FP&A Associate at Univercells.

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