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MoveUP 5 - E-Health edition - Apply now!

Dernière mise à jour : 14 sept. 2021

Digital Attraxion’s MoveUp Program is a 20 weeks acceleration program based in the heart of Europe. It is directed to startups from around the world who are looking to target the European Market. The program offers introduction to customers and investors, a European commercialization roadmap, funding, access to shared office space, coaching and workshops/training days.

The first edition was dedicated to the theme "Smart Mobility". The second one targeted startups active in the Industry 4.0. The third edition was dedicated to the Digital Transformation of Health & Care and the Fourth edition focused on the Media industry.

For this new edition in partnership with Mecatech and Biowin, which will launch in November 2021, we are looking for corporate companies and startups working on the digital transformations to be carried out in the field of healthcare.

Want to join the adventure?

There are two ways to take part in the MoveUp program: by becoming a sponsor or a partner for the upcoming edition or by joining the program as a participating startup.

Startup application :

Sponsor/Partner contact:

Emilie Fockedey Move Up Program Director

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