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Introducing MoveUp Media 2020

Dernière mise à jour : 22 févr. 2021

Digital Attraxion’s MoveUp Program is a 6 month acceleration program based in the heart of Europe. It is directed to startups from around the world who are looking to target the European Market. The program offers introduction to customers and investors, a European commercialization roadmap, funding, access to shared office space, coaching and workshops/training days.

The MoveUp Media program is looking for scalable companies that bring innovation to the media industry and look for international markets.

This year's corporate partners include:

Solutions our partners are looking for...

The MoveUp Media aim to source solutions that could help media organizations to accelerate the digital transformation of their value chain.

  • Do you have a solution that could optimize or automate some parts of the post-production workflows in Broadcasting?

  • Do you have solutions to easily enhance the accessibility of the content (audio-description, sign language, subtitling...)?

  • Do you have solutions to better personalize the content offer?

  • Do you develop solutions to enhance interactivity with the audiences?

  • Do you have a solution to halt the churn rate / increase the digital subscription rate for newspaper?

  • Do you have solutions to change the distribution systems from bookstore to final customer?

  • How could you help to produce more contents with new, light, easy-to-use or automated digital tools ? On the field or in the studios?

  • Have you developed video, audio or written solutions to bring the audience closer to the editors?

  • Do you have a solution to better anticipate socio-cultural trends and polarization phenomena on social networks?

  • Do you have solutions that could help in the battle against disinformation, fake news and deep fakes?

  • Do you have solutions that allow you to offer each customer a tailor-made experience, including applications that provide location-based services?

  • Do you have solutions to deliver customized news content to the readers based on proprietary news-feeds from newspaper?

  • ...

The Agenda

The main DATES* *Current Agenda, may be subject to some changes or adding

January 10th: Call open March: Update of the call because of COVID-19 Apply period extended! AUGUST 29th: Call closed SEPTEMBER 15th: Pitch Day October 20th: Welcome Day Startups are requested to be available on site 4 days a month during all the acceleration path for the workshops. Coaching seances (can be on-line) and Corporate collaboration following agreed agenda will be set at the begin of acceleration program. Networking events will be added with DA Alumni and Partners. The mandatory dates of presence will be released soon.

Do you feel up to the challenge?

You can apply here.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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