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Apply for the MoveUp Program - ITS, IoT Mobility, Smart Environment, Big Data Analytics - starting on November 6

Digital Attraxion announces the opening of the apply for its new Acceleration Program

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Call for applications for the first MoveUp Program.

Applications open till October 15th

Digital Attraxion’s Move Up Program is a 20 week acceleration program based in the heart of eurométropole. It is directed to startups from around the world who are looking to target the European Market in the field of Internet of Things. The program offers introduction to customers and investors, a European commercialization roadmap, funding, office space, coaching and workshops.

The first cohort topic will be Intelligent Transport System, Mobility of Connected Objects/IoT, Smart Environment and Big Data Analytics on it.

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What does MoveUp offer?

In a nutshell, the program includes:

  • Convertible Note - Up to 100 000 €
  • 3 European trade shows/conferences
  • 20 workshops
  • 5 month office space
  • 3 product pitches
  • 3 investor pitches
  • one-on-one coaching
  • 20 suppliers of technology
  • 8 companies to serve as test environment
  • Support on legal document drafting

Which topics are covered?

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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) consist of these new public and private services that facilitate the transition to sustainable mobility.

STIs are found in all areas of mobility, such as traffic management (including pedestrians and cyclists), freight transport, public transport and shared mobility, parking and electro-mobility, police and rescue services, the automotive industry, everything related to leasing, insurance and assistance, as well as taxation.

Linking these services makes it possible to take the step towards a concept of multimodal mobility, or MaaS (Mobility as a Service), and eliminate some unsustainable external effects related to the current mobility patterns.

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Mobility of Connected Objects/IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a distributed network connecting physical objects that are capable of sensing or acting on their environment and able to communicate with each other, other machines or computers. The data these devices report can be collected and analysed in order to reveal in sights and suggest actions that will produce cost savings, increase efficiency or improve products and services.

Connected objects are dependent of networks to transmit their information, and of data processing systems for their operation. The end of roaming data is an opportunity to facilitate the transfer of high-speed mobile data, but regarding low data rate (IoT), systems are still limited or closed. Working with mobile devices and different networkers/countries are field of opportunities to develop new services and solutions.

Many manufacturers and industrial product companies have made great strides in connecting their products and appliances to the IoT. But succeeding in this era needs much more than technology connectivity. In fact, the advent of the IIoT is a once-in-a-lifetime business disruption—one that requires new capabilities and will provide incredible opportunities.

The issue of data security is also important, for devices, the data transmission and especially in its areas related to the GDPR.

Smart Environment

The challenges of ambient sensing through the introduction of novel sensing platforms, self-configuration approaches, self-adaptive techniques, and seamless integration with wearable sensors.

Through fusing multiple sensing modalities, we hope it can be possible to develop a smart environment, which can learn and adapt to different environments and provide proactive sensing for different applications.

Mobility management for pollution tracking/prediction or avoiding traffic jam, waste management, energy/water savings are some of the topics that could be investigated.

Big Data Analytics

IoT, mobility, sensing are all producing a lot of data. Big data analytics is the process of examining large and varied data sets -- i.e., big data -- to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help organizations to make more-informed business or operational decisions.

How is the selection organised?

The selection of the startups will be based on the following:

1 -Team

  • Involvement
  • Complementary
  • Proven workability
  • Capacity to attract talent

2 -Market

  • Potential
  • Repeatable
  • Business-to-business
  • Aligned with our corporate partner interests

3 - Product Development

  • Stage of development
  • Technology
  • Feasibility

4 - Financials

  • Burn rate
  • Money raised

What is the program of MoveUp?

The program contains a series of challenges that will lead startups to their series A funding round.

Product Development Challenge - Nov/Dec

The first 7 weeks of the program focuses on the product development. Each startup will be introduced to a customer to investigate, develop and test their value propositions/ideas. Moreover, the startups will have access to several services from suppliers to make their idea technologically possible.

During this challenge, the startups will pitch their ideas to 3 different panels of experts in the fields of IoT, logistics, mobility and environment. A series of workshops on customer investigation, technological choices, prototyping, etc. will be proposed.

Finally, the startups will be brought to the Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress to investigate the trends on the market, their potential competitors and to confront their initial value propositions/ideas in front of customers.

FR Challenge - Jan

The next 5 weeks focuses on acquiring customers. End of January is “Rencontre de la Mobilité Intelligente” 2018. This is the perfect opportunity to meet potential customers in France. Therefore, we will work with the startups to prepare the conference, get meetings and leads.

During this challenge, the startups will have a series of workshops on customer acquisition techniques, how to prepare a trade show, how to pitch, marketing, etc. but as well on legal aspects like shareholder agreement, intellectual property, sales conditions and use terms, etc.

Funding Challenge - Feb/Mar

The next 7 weeks, the startups will work on the Funding Challenge. They will work on their investment proposal. They will receive a series of workshops that will help them to define a clear funding strategy, a proper pitch to investors, the value of their startups, etc. During these 7 weeks, the startups will pitch at least 3 times in front of investors.

International Challenge – Mar/Apr
In parallel to the Funding Challenge, the International Challenge focuses on the international market with a presence at an international trade show for our startups. Again, the idea will be to get a maximum of customer leads.


August 17 - Opening of the application period

October 8 - Apply closed
October 23 - Pitch Day
October 24 - Selected Startup Announcement
November 6 - Arrival in Tournai + Welcome Startup Event
November 7 - Product Development Challenge
November 14 - Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress
November 30 - Pitch Cluster Logistics Wallonia
December 21 - Pitch Hainaut Economic Ecosystem
December 25 - Christmas Holiday (2 weeks off)
January 8 - French Challenge
February 12 - Funding Challenge
February 22 - Investor Pitch
March 1 - Investor Pitch
March 29 - Investor Pitch
March/April – International Challenge

Corporate Partners

Corporate partners are companies that will actively collaborate with the startups by sharing real issues/topics on which they wants to innovate and will provide expertise.

Supplier Partners

Supplier partners are companies that will support startups by giving access to technology, data, services, expertise and/or coaching during the acceleration program and afterwards (at special conditions).

All the partners of the MoveUp

Location Venue

Negundo Innovation Center

Negundo Innovation Center - 13, rue du progrès - 7503 - Froyennes - Belgium

Terms and conditions

For the terms and conditions please read the document here.


You can download here the full text of this call.

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