• Call for applications for the second MoveUp Program.

    Applications open till June 3rd 2018

  • MoveUp Program.

    Digital Attraxion’s Move Up Program is a 20 weeks acceleration program based in the heart of Hainaut. It is directed to startups from around the world who are looking to target the European Market in the field of the Digital Transformation of Industry. The program offers introduction to customers and investors, a European commercialization roadmap, funding, access to shared office space, coaching and workshops/training days.

    Digital Transformation of Industry

    Digital transformation refers to how companies leverage digital technologies to change a business model, provide new revenue streams and create value-producing opportunities. Gartner refers to it as the process of moving to a digital business.
    Digital Transformation of Industry also known as Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory is a umbrella for technology innovation applied to manufacturing and factoring. It includes robotics, drones, internet of things, 3D printing, virtual/augmented reality, artificial intelligence and data security.
    Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution and crucial for Europe.
    Yet, in Belgium, the data shows very little is happening in that category despite the strategic importance of the domain.

  • The Program

    The program contains a series of phases that will lead startups to their A funding round.

    Product Development Phase

    Adapt your prototype to Corporate's reality

    The first weeks focuses on the product development. Each startup will be introduced to a customer to investigate, develop and test their value propositions/ideas. At the same time, the startups will have access to several services from suppliers to make their idea technologically possible.


    A series of workshops on customer investigation, technological choices, prototyping, etc. will be proposed.


    Finally, the startups will be brought to the Barcelona IoT World Congress to investigate the trends on the market, their potential competitors and to confront their initial value propositions/ideas in front of customers.

    Customer Acquisition Phase

    Find new customers

    The next weeks focus on acquiring customers. During this phase, the startups will have a series of workshops about customers acquisition techniques, how to prepare a tradeshow, how to pitch, marketing, etc. and as well about legal aspects like shareholder agreement, intellectual property, sales conditions and use terms, etc.

    Funding Phase

    We help you to define your funds raising strategy

    The next weeks, the startups will work on the Funding. They will work on their investment proposal. They will receive a series of workshops that will help them to define a clear funding strategy, a proper pitch to investors, the value of their startups, etc. During these weeks, the startups will pitch at least 2 times in front of investors.

    International Phase

    Business is global

    In parallel to the Funding Phase, the focus will be on the international market with a presence at an international show for our startups, 4YFN by MWC. Again, the idea will be to get a maximum of customer leads.

  • In a nutshell, The program includes:

    • Convertible Note - 100 000 €
    • Corporates to serve as test environment
    • European tradeshows/conferences
    • 20 Workshops/training days with 1-on-1 coaching
    • 10 individual coaching sessions with a lean startup and a business coach
    • Access to 20 hours of Co-working space
    • product pitches
    • investor pitches
    • Networking events and meetings
    • Presence on a professional Trade show
  • Corporate Partners

    Corporate partners are enterprises that will actively collaborate with the startups by sharing real issues/topics on which they wants to innovate and will provide expertise.


    Brussels South Charleroi Airport




  • yara


    Thales Alenia Space

    engie Cofely



    • In the context of a complex and multi-processes manufacturing value chain, the process traceability is the first step to Machine learning and SMART manufacturing. Either in parts manufacturing or complex assemblies, the parts traceability is the key to track and trace the productivity and quality improvements.
    • What solutions to support this traceability in an aggressive manufacturing processes? Characteristics of the process are: High Temperature; corrosive environment, high strength (forming), curing (composite), high pressure..
    • What solution to track and trace assembly business in an worldwide supply chain?
    • In operation, the need to better understand and better predict the behaviour of a product, is a key element in improving operational efficiency and history of the product.
    • What are solutions to records data in a world-wide operational context?
    • What are the solutions to capture environment data (loads, efforts, vibration, temperature …) in an aggressive and certified context?
    • Scan/modelling of big structures (bridge, pipes…) : easy to use, automated calculation (sqm, weight) and detection of deteriorated parts of a structure that lead to adequate technical and coating solutions. Objective : provide quickly personalized quotes.
    • Digitalization of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) unit (waste management, risks, management of chemical products, Safety…)
    • Innovative tools reducing the arduousness of work and improving the competitiveness of our company (e.g. adapted equipment to facilitate the surface treatment in difficult height and atmospheric conditions, automation for controlling work quality)
    • Innovative tools improving efficiency of workers or reducing arduousness (e.g. augmented reality, cobot as facilitating tools – 3rd arm, exosquelets…)


    Current Agenda, may be subject to some changes or adding.

    Description Date

    Call open 29-03-18

    Call closed 03-06-18

    Pitch days 25/26-06-18

    Welcone event 04-09-18

    Technological risks 11-09-18

    Data Security 18-09-18

    Pitching 25-09-18

    Industrialisation 02-10-18

    do's and don'ts of UX 09-10-18

    Artificial Intelligence 23-10-18

    Communication & Customer acquisition 06-11-18

    Digital Marketing - Growth Hacking 13-11-18

    Startup Communication 20-11-18

    Management self-awareness 27-11-18

    Bet on team relationship 04-12-18

    Swith shoes 11-12-18

    How to Prepare a Show 18-12-18

    Shareholder Agreement 08-01-19

    Legal Aspects & Documentation 15-01-19

    Intellectual Property Strategy 22-01-19

    Fundraising Strategy 29-01-19

    Investor Pitch 05-02-19

    Business Valorisation 12-02-19

    Fiscal & Tax & Subsides 19-12-19

    IOT World Congress - Barcelona 16-10-19

    XMass Networking event 20-12-19

    4YFN by MWC 25-02-19


    Startups need to be available for the workshops and for the coaching seances that will take place on Thursday or Friday, following agreed agenda set at the begin of acceleration program.

    Networking events will be added with DA Alumni and Partners.


    The selection of the startups will be based on the following:

    1 -Team
    • Involvement
    • Complementary
    • Proven workability
    • Capacity to attract talent
    • Be incorporated


    2 -Market
    • Potential
    • Repeatable
    • Business-to-business
    • Aligned with our corporate partner interests


    3 - Product Development
    • Stage of development
    • Technology
    • Feasibility


    4 - Financially
    • Burn rate
    • Money Raised


    Apply before June 3rd

    Apply via https://www.f6s.com/digitalattraxion


    Skype Interview

    begin of June to determine if you eligible for pitching


    Pitch Day

    Skype or on site 6 minutes pitch with 6 minutes questions



    if you are selected