Digital Attraxion helps digital startups raising funds throughout

    Evaluation Plan Digital Attraxion


    The evaluation of their projects and their growth potential, including a vision at short, medium and long term

    Growth at Digital Attraxion


    The support in their growth plan with an intensive and tailor-made program

    Coaching at Digital Attraxion


    Team coaching beyond usual coaching programs

    Funding at Digital Attraxion


    The proposal for a funding plan to initiate their growth curve


    Digital Attraxion offers different acceleration paths depending on the startup needs


    The Validation Program help startups get from testing the market to full commercialization.

    To help the startups to fulfill their potential, the program comes with a serie of 1-on-1 coaching sessions and a convertible note up to 100K.


    Phase 1 You are going to generate revenue

    Phase 2 You are already generating revenue





    The Move Up Program is an all-in-one acceleration formula for the top innovative startups that have at least a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product. The Move Up program takes up to 10 startups for 5 months in a common space to investigate a common market. It offers direct access to potential customers and technological partners as a test platform, a series of workshops on technical and business topics, 1-on-1 coaching, a series of pitches to customers and investors, a European commercialization roadmap and funding.


    Startups accelerated by Digital Attraxion

    Watch and win accelerated by Digital Attraxion
    Acas Technologies accelerated by Digital Attraxion
    Local Expert accelerated by Digital Attraxion
    tafsquare accelerated by Digital Attraxion
    Wistitee accelerated by Digital Attraxion
    2wappi accelerated by Digital Attraxion
  • Tafsquare testimonial on Digital Attraxion

    "Thanks to Digital Attraxion, we have moved up to an upper gear, which has allowed us to implement actions quickly, with a follow-up and a KPI culture. The coaching, network and professionalism of the approach represent 3 areas that have boosted us."

    « En tant qu’ingénieur, j’ai trop tendance à me focaliser sur la solution technique. Hors, pour transformer une idée en un Business, il faut des clients qui achètent notre produit. Et c’est en cela que l’accompagnement de Digital Attraxion prend tout son sens ! »

    Regis Coli, Acas Technologies

    Acas Technologies

    "Digital Attraxion m’a permis de bénéficier d’un coach spécialisé dans la mise sur le marché de produits innovants. Je me rends compte, maintenant, que l’expérience acquise par mon coach est vitale dans le projet OkiDo"

  • Our Team

    A strong team to help you towards your funding

    Anne Prignon

    Managing Director

    Sebastien Doyen

    Director - Acceleration Program


    Denys Borniauw

    Director - Move Up

    Thierry Huart-Eeckhoudt

    Investment Manager


    Coaches with a strong experience to accompany startups in their growth process

    Bernard Verdoodt Coach Digital Attraxion

    Bernard Verdoodt

    Coach and General Manager


    Guillaume Béland


    Ronald Bannon Coach Digital Attraxion

    Ronald Bannon

    Coach and expert in B2B International Business Development

    Thierry Van Kerm, Coach at Digital Attraxion

    Thierry Van Kerm

    Coach and Project manager

    Thierry Van Kerm, Coach at Digital Attraxion
    Laurent Righetti Coach Digital Attraxion

    Laurent Righetti

    Coach and independent Art Director specialised in content and social networks

    Philippe Szombat, Coach at Digital Attraxion

    Philippe Szombat

    Founder of BrightBiz Sales Academy

    Philippe Szombat, Coach at Digital Attraxion

    Digital Attraxion works closely with its partners

    Entreprendre Wapi, Digital Attraxion Partner
    Digital Attraxion Partner
    Centre Heracles, Digital Attraxion Partner
    Digital Wallonia, Digital Attraxion partner
    Microsoft Innovation Center
    Digital Wallonia
    I-Tech incubator
    Fondation Chimay Wartoise
    Startup Wallonia
    Engine CW

    Call for applications for the first MoveUp Program. Applications open till October 15th ...

    Digital Attraxion is a digital startup accelerator

    At the end of year 2016, the VCs and their partners from Hainaut have created Digital Attraxion, a digital and innovating startup accelerator. Its mission is to recruit, fund and accelerate the startups towards their series A funding round.

    Digital Attraxion is part of the Digital Plan set up by the Marcourt Minister and coordinated by Digital Wallonia. As such, Digital Attraxion is partnering with “Digital Startups”, a gathering of operators for startups deploying accelerating programs on the Walloon territory.

    Digital Attraxion is a digital startup accelerator supported by VCs in the Hainaut province (Sambrinvest, Invest Mons Borinage Centre & WAPInvest) working in close collaboration:

    - Upstream: with the Hainaut economic agencies that support entrepreneurs in the creation of their activity;

    - Downstream: with the Invests in the preparation of their first funding round.

    Digital Attraxion’s ambition is to make in Hainaut a solid and sustainable digital ecosystem particularly active and recognized beyond its borders


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